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McKinney Independent School District
Fund-Raising Activity Report

Permission Request


1. The Permission Request (2 pages) must be completed and submitted to the principal or designee for approval by September 30 of each school for the fund-raisers to be held. The Principal will return the form to the individual requesting permission.

2. The Operating Report (2 pages) shall be prepared promptly upon completion of the fund-raising activity. A copy of the form should be retained by the organization sponsor and the original should be turned into the financial secretary (secretary that handles the school’s finances) no later than one week subsequent to the projected end date of the fund-raiser as stated on the Permission Request. If a PTO or Booster Club is holding the fund-raiser, the Operating Report should be provided to the organization’s Treasurer and not the school. The organization is responsible for handling the money received and the related expenditures as well as keeping the fund-raiser records as required for record retention.

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*Specific Purpose(s) for which the net proceeds are to be used:

Activity Fund Account that will receive the net proceeds (Account Code):
Account #

*Description of Fundraiser

Quoted Profit % from Vendor

*Type of Fundraiser    If Hosted Event or Other Please Describe:

*Fundraiser Start Date:       *Fundraiser End Date:

*Due Date for Operation Report (1 Week after the Fundraiser End Date):

*This is the following type of Fundraiser:

*Are items being sold taxable? If yes, is this a “one-day, tax-free” sales day? If yes, this is the  
Each organization or campus is allowed two “one-day, tax-free” Sales days per calendar year (January thru December).

Expected Profit

                      *Estimated Revenue:        $
*Less: Estimated Cost of Fundraiser        $
*Equals: Estimated Profit (Net Proceeds) $

With this Permission Request, submit details of the fundraiser to be held such as the brochure, flyer, t-shirt or product design, and any other pertinent information.

As the Sponsor/Booster Club Organizer of this fund-raiser,

  • I agree to conduct this fund-raiser in compliance with district policies.
  • I understand that I am personally responsible for all funds collected and for keeping accurate records.
  • I will exercise strict control over all products in my possession.
  • I will provide all money received along with the name and amount turned in by student [parent] to the campus bookkeeper [treasurer] daily for deposit.
  • I will have all expenditures paid through the campus bookkeeper [treasurer].
  • I am responsible for completing the Operating Report for this fund-raiser and will turn in all records to the campus bookkeeper [treasurer] within one week of the projected end date of the fund-raiser.


Coach/Sponsor's Signature of Approval ( ) Date Approved
Bookkeeper's Signature of Approval ( ) Date Approved
Campus Administrator's Signature of Approval (Principal/Campus Coordinator) ( ) Date Approved
District Administrator's Signature of Approval (Athletics/Fine Arts) ( ) Date Approved